The BEST task manager for Notes, plus some add-ons

I really like e-productivity, and I heartily reccomend it. The integration with my phone and the built-in coaching to top notch. Its based on the GTD principle by David Allen.
E-Productivity Overview

Free reference database for Notes

ActiveWords - utility that provide text replacement in windows ie using ty can be replaced with a whole paragraph, in any program

GyroQ from Gyronix - a small tool that can super quickly add items to notes like tasks, appointments and email.

Imagine that I get a phone call while I'm in the middle of something else, with Gyro-Q, I press a hot-key for a small entry box, use my active-words to drop in a standard calendar appointment text, and press enter. I've avoided swtiching to the calendar, creating a new entry, filling it out, saving and returning to my original task. [VIDEO COMING]