FT Search Manager is incredibly fast, and my clients have found it very useful.

The FT Search Manager is a 100% native Notes search engine that allows any user to search all of their favorite IBM Notes databases (e.g. Email & Archives, Chats, Applications, Quickr etc) and File Systems simultaneously, using standard Notes Full Text search queries.

Searching can be performed from either a Notes Client, Browser or Web Service, installed on a server, and/or replicated locally. The databases being searched can be located anywhere.

Search functionality can be fully integrated into the Notes Client (via Mail Integration, Actions, Bookmarks, Toolbar Icons, Widgets etc) or your Applications & Web Sites via design integration, such as frames & iframes.

You can search IBM Lotus Notes & iNotes Email & Archives, Sametime Chat Transcripts, File Systems, Domain Indexes, Mail Journals, custom Notes Applications & Application Suites, Document Repositories, Websites, Portals, or Quickr, including all at the same time.